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Welcome to Kothari Academy!

The SCS Kothari Academy for Women is an autonomous institution,organizing its own programmes on its perceived goals of excellence,efficiency and usefulness,as determined by its team of experts. The Academy aims at enlightenment and empowerment of women through provision of opportunity and training for academic excellence, vocational skills and professional competence.

The Academy offers post-graduate and under-graduate professional courses, skill-oriented courses, early childhood education, arts, crafts and vocational training for school leavers, graduates and housewives.

The Academy is an autonomous institution with goals of excellence in Professional, Vocational and Concurrent Education before it. The academy is a recognized study centre for Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, for M.Sc., Dietetics and Food Service Management.

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Kothari Academy has focused on its mission


  • To organise programmes that are specifically suited to girls graduating from higher secondary schools and colleges.
  • To provide opportunities to well-educated housewives anxious to restart the process of their professional education in order to become economically productive.
  • To offer expertise self-help for groups of underprivileged women.
  • To impart meaningful value based education and practical skills using most modern multi-media thechnology in a chaste, relaxed atmosphere
  • To help those girls who do not have sufficient resources.
  • To keep the Academy‚Äôs doors open for each and every woman who ever wants to equip herself with a professional or competent skill at any point of time.

About Founder

aB.K. Kothari

Smt. Chanda Devi S. Kothari Academy for Women is a Community College founded in July 1980 by Late Sri. B.K. Kothari.
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